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Cheers to the Year of Dreams!

It's become a thing for me to make annual resolutions on my birthday. Being able to mark my growth with my age is really intimate and satisfying. However, there is something to be said for joining in on the momentum of hope and sense of community that guides us in making new year resolutions.

The whole world seems to be in tune with the newness of day, month, and year so it’s hard to avoid getting swept up in it. Given the way my year ended, I could use a pick me up.

Now, one can’t make good and attainable resolutions without honest self reflection. I personally start with the highs and then work through the lows, and end with all my hope bundled into a few very specific resolutions.

2022 will always be my “year of dreams.” There were quite a few dreams that came true. At the top are purchasing our lake home, publishing another book which was co-authored by my daughter, and launching another family business. But dreams can also be nightmares. Later in the year I was laid off and learned that my influence isn’t the strongest one over my teenagers. In between these moments were ebbs and flows of family strife, worry, and the joys of riding in a plane piloted by our oldest son or cheering for our freshman who played in all but two of his high school varsity football games. That’s plenty of blessings and lessons for one year.

While reflecting on the year, I’m reminded that the goal is never perfection but always growth. This lens is very important because there has to be something positive to carry forward. My faith requires that I find God’s grace in all of it. After all, I’m still here. We’re still here! So my resolutions are influenced by that very idea. What will I do next with my time here? You should ask yourself the same question when making resolutions. I hope some of your answers are bigger than you.

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