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Hello October!

October is my favorite month of the year. In Charlotte the beauty of Fall is in full swing, the weather is perfectly free of humidity and hair friendly, and it's finally time to bring out the cozy attire. We also celebrate some very important birthdays in our family. But here’s the bonus … It's also National Book Month! Amid the festivals and pumpkin spice frenzy that are quintessentially Fall, how does one even the begin to celebrate National Book Month? Keep reading for a few ideas.

1. Re-read one of your favorite books.

The most beloved stories and characters earn a special place in our hearts because we feel connected and a sense of familiarity with them. It would be interesting to see if life experiences, time, and maturity have changed your initial impressions of your favorite book.

2. Support a local bookstore.

I’m sure there’s a bookstore that you keep telling yourself you will visit but haven’t made the time to do so. Well there’s no time like the present to see what treasures await you there. I often find warm beverages or great conversation are in abundance in many bookstores, making this a great fall outing.

3. Check out events at the library.

If anyone is celebrating National Book month, it had better be your local library! The versatility and cool factor of library events have definitely increased over the years so be sure to check them out. There could be something for the whole family.

4. Donate gently used books.

Although the popularity of audio and e-books is undeniable, there is still a very welcoming audience out there for traditional books. If you have books that need a new home, do some research and find a local charity, non-profit, or book store in need of a donation.

5. Buy a new book.

Support your favorite author, discover a new one, or simply share the gift of reading with someone else. There will always be something uniquely special about the descriptive imagery you can vividly see, the sweet aromas you smell, or the cool breeze you feel when the author does their job well. So lose yourself in the world of another or learn something new this month.

Tell a friend to tell a friend…Happy National Book Month!

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