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Syrina Rice

Hey Mama!
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Syrina Rice

Syrina wears many titles but wife and mom are at the top of the list.  Now that she can add Author and Publisher, this Brooklyn, NY native can rest assured 20 plus years of climbing the corporate ladder led to this moment. Well, maybe not. But that experience in addition to her BA in Forensic Psychology and MS in Business Management and Leadership proves just how versatile she is as a person. Right?


Honestly the common thread for Syrina has always been representation and sharing a diverse perspective. While serving in leadership roles as a financial services professional, she was  recognized as a diversity, inclusion and equity champion. Inspired by her 3 children and slew of nieces and nephews, and with the encouragement of  family and friends, she jumped at the opportunity to step away from corporate America to write and publish the books she’s been looking for out there.


Her debut children’s book “Hey Mama” is inspired by her daughter’s very own black girl magic.  And that’s just the beginning.  If you’d like to keep up with Syrina’s authorpreneur journey and life in Charlotte where she’s resided since 2004, check out her blog linked below.

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